National Karting Association Expands

The National Karting Association has been a long time customer of PC Futures and as an organisation they provide knowledge, experience and services to the leading Karting tracks in the United Kingdom.

They are now able to offer to their members a mobile app to help people improve their skills.  Also, this is a great tool to ensure racers return to their local tracks and to see their skills improving giving them things to aim for.

As a result, after speaking to NKA PC Futures Ltd were engaged to design, build and maintain a mobile app which interlinks with their existing membership portal.  Details of this can be found here.

The customer portal has been live since 2018 and now they are looking to add a mobile app to this which would be for the visitors to their member’s tracks.


We had a starting ground with the app in that the custom membership portal was already in place.  NKA wanted to be able to manage their members but also the users of the app to feed into this platform, so the tracks can manage their own users.

We were able to deliver this but it means we needed to consider alterations to existing database tables to accommodate all the new features.


The build of this project was well managed but as it was done over COVID it made everything that bit different.  We couldn’t run through things with the client beforehand and often feedback and client side testing was done remotely which is never ideal.

This project actually took a fair bit of time to deliver due to rounds of feedback from the members.

The platform required GDPR consideration, push messages and many other features.  Above all else, the platform needed to enable racers to create a profile and for parents to manage children’s profiles.  Then, for them to record their racing results against training criteria across 4 levels.

This permanent record enables people to return to a member track and then to enhance their skill levels as they progress through the 4 ranks and we developed an API to enabled the new mobile app to speak to the existing customer database as well as managing the changes and updates to that.


This App went live both on Android and iOS and is now available for use.  It enables people to race across any NKA member track site and to have their progress stored to show their achievement level when visiting other tracks across the UK.

We have even written a track user manual for the individual member tracks to manage their own records and customers/users of the new mobile app.

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