National Karting Association – NKA

We’ve worked with the NKA for some time now as we were hosting and supporting an old WordPress website which was build by another developer. This website had been adapted to be a membership organisation website but it never quiet did what the owners were after.

When this supplier ended trading we were asked to take it over and support it. Over time the requests from the organisation were pushing the platform beyond what it’s original build remit was. As a result, we provided a custom solution to group what it needed to expand expand and for the years ahead.

Still using a WordPress front end we built an entire bespoke back end for the National Karting Association. It matches their needs and gives them ease of use to move them forward.

National Karting Association Software Development


We have been working with a related company of the National Karting Association for some years. When we took over the old membership organisation website for NKA we knew it wasn’t performing as it should be. Often WordPress can be manipulated with plugins to do something it wasn’t meant to do and this stores up problems.

We had been supporting this older website for some time until it become uneconomical to keep updating and repairing it. It was at this point we spoke with the Founder of the organisation and he put the costs and plans to the leadership.

This was to have a new WordPress front end website for visitors to see. In addition to this, it was to have a powerful back end to manage the members, their businesses and tracks.

In this we talked about how the membership aspect would work, the need for a secure login, the ability to create tracks and events which are shown on the public WordPress website.

There is also different membership types covering full members, associate members and admins. Also, some members were suppliers who needed to be able to create products or offers for the membership to look at it as well as training and resource downloads for all to use.

In truth it was a full one project.


With a clear specification in mind we worked on the beta release of the project. It was a custom development plan project and required a large amount of testing to ensure it was right for it’s users.

As this is a private membership organisation we tackled each feature in logical isolation, then joined up the component parts to ensure things worked well.

Finally, we then demoed this back to the client after our own in-house testing and worked on their recommendations and adjustments before turning it live.


Once the development part was signed off we then made the WordPress front end and linked this to the membership portal.

As a result, the client has a finished two part web portal and companion website.

It stores all the data of the users, it is encrypted, secure and backed up daily. We also run a support agreement for this client allowing the system to alter as their needs do.

This then leaves us with another happy client.

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