A New Web Presence For The Anglia Karting Team

Anglia Karting asked us to rebuild their old non responsive website into something more modern. They also wanted to their new site to look the part and to ensure it gave more information to customers.


Anglia Karting had an old hand coded site which had limited features. The site wasn’t eye catching which was something the business owners wanted to change.

The company had a lot more info to share with people and as a result we looked to create a platform to encourage this.

We met with them a few times to get a feel for where the business was and what they wanted to share with customers. This gave us some ideas on images and how to lay the site out.


We build a branded website which matched their colours and the look and feel that they wanted. We had to integrate some 3rd party software that they use but also some interactive map views on the homepage. This had been done by another company but there was no scope to include this in their old site.

We used WordPress to deliver the site and we handle the hosting and backups for their new website.

They have a location to showcase testimonials and pricing and race information based on what group size people are wanting. This gives viewers the chance to see what is race options are available to them based on the size of their group and what they want to do.


We have created a mobile responsive website which has seen an increase in traffic and it looks and matches the business. It is relevant to their industry and can be updated as needed. We’ve added some features to it as well. Anglia Karting wanted people to book and pay for vouchers on the site using PayPal. We set this up enabling them to take some prepayment via their new website.

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