NoDate Bespoke Friendship Site

NoDate Ltd was a collaboration to build a bespoke web portal for people to meet one another but not to date, hence the name.  This concept was new to the market where NoDate put users’ security in mind but also looked to get people to meet based upon shared interests alone.

PC Futures Ltd were asked to design, build and maintain which bespoke software platform for it to be launched into the market during 2022.


This was a new concept and something which came from an idea, nothing more.  The client approached us and spoke about their wishes.  They wanted a place online where people can meet and even to arrange and attend events.

From this, the concept of NoDate was born.  There were a lot of discussions around the logistics of how this would work, its scalability and the look and feel of it.


The build also took time as there is a wealth of conditional logic to it.  As a result, we spent a lot of time engaging with the client and internally discussing how we could deliver what is needed, why and what impact it had around GDPR and client safety online.

The website has two features, a WordPress frontend website for marketing purposes.  Also, a backend portal where all the integration takes place.  Users have their own accounts, they can see others and interact to arrange meetings for just about anything you can think of, sports, social, business etc.

The platform provides a safe area for people to make new friends and since Covid, the need for this has never been more important.


This site went live for alpha testing in February 2022 and then for its full launch later in the year.

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