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An excellent example of taking an old website and modernising it.

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Raven Airsoft New Website and Online Marketing Solution
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When Ravens Airsoft asked us to update their ageing website we leapt at the chance to help the leading Ipswich Airsoft site.

The existing site was built on an old Forum CMS (Content Management System) and featured images and content mainly added by the site owner.  A key success indicator was to get Ravens Airsoft higher up the search engine results so he could increase his customer base and put on bigger events with more people attending.

It was important to build an events diary and then report of the events afterwards, this was to ensure there was always fresh new content and information for regular and new players

Another measure of success was to link up the social media pages in Facebook as this had effectively replaced the forum.

It was also clear that some of the content was out of date, having clean and fresh content detailing the next events and other content was critical.


We decided to develop a whole new website using WordPress as the base platform with a premium theme installed that supported the use of forums. We always build our sites using a template that is fully mobile responsive that looks good and is functional on a mobile device.

Quite some time was spent looking for suitable images that showed off the essence of Airsoft without necessarily using images generate at the site.  In the end we used premium images to get the desired effect.

It was important to take online payments for deposits and gun hire, to achieve this we developed a web form that securely connects to PayPal to take payments.

Our approach to the twice monthly events was to be able to turn them into post action briefings that allowed for a quick turnaround after an event to write a review and add Facebook Photos.

All pages were optimised for keywords to ensure Google picked them up to ensure higher search rankings.


Our services haven’t stopped with the successful build and deployment of the website.  We handle all social media outlets and manage online marketing too with our monthly plans designed to give excellent value and advice built around the sole purpose of increasing site visitors and therefore business for Ravens Airsoft

“I am really pleased with the site and the feedback from customers is excellent.  We have seen new players come virtually every event which is great!”. Allwyn Morse. Raven Airsoft
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