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At PC Futures we believe in the wholistic approach to online marketing, no individual service will guarantee results. Effective online marketing is achieved firstly through understanding your business, then creating a blend of many different skills and services that’s tailored to your business. The services we offer to grow your digital presence include our web development and design service, app development and push messaging, email newsletters, search engine optimisation, e-commerce development, Social Media, Amazon and eBay services and graphic design.

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Design and functionality

All efforts to effectively Market your business are wasted if the potential customers have no direction after you’ve grabbed their attention. In the world of online marketing the aim is nearly always to direct traffic to a website, or more specifically to a method of contact such as an enquiry form or to a product page.

Your website should greet any customers, encourage further engagement and reinforce your message, it must therefore have a design fit for purpose that includes relevant calls to action. The website must be kept working correctly, this is especially true of e-commerce websites and we offer a maintenance service to keep your website working in top condition.

Content Creation and Management

Every website needs high quality content for a number of reasons:

To attract and keep visitors

To Improve the websites standing in the eyes of search engines

To convey your business message

Content can include written copy, graphics, photos, videos and other media. The vast majority of content is a mix of written copy and images that are displayed in different ways. There are many considerations when creating and displaying content in a website, such as the layout and formatting of the content on all devices, the SEO value of the content, the functionality of any media, the relevance of the content to visitors and organising the content to give it purpose when looking at the website as a whole.

At PC Futures we offer a Content management service where we take care of all of the above, writing blog posts and applying additional graphics and media to supplement the written copy. We can produce the content, update your website and align it with other services such as social media. To find out more about our content management services contact us.

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Google and the other search engines use complex algorithms to determine which websites to display and in which order when specific words are searched for. The variables that need to be considered when trying to satisfy the search engines are numerous and a broad understanding of all things web development is required.

Improving your website’s standing in the eyes of Search Engines is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. PC Futures offer a complete and proven SEO service. Find out more here

Search Engine Optimisation


Our App development service has been used by numerous businesses for varying purposes. The strength of apps in the context of online marketing is how close your business can remain to your customers, particularly through the use of push messaging and notifications to promote directly on the landing page of smart phones.

Merely having an app will elevate your business above the competition and offer your customers another point of contact. Find out more here

App Development