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Annya Stoddart of Stowmarket based The Pain Relief Clinic contacted us asking if we could rebuild her existing website in WordPress. She had heard a lot about WordPress and didn’t want too much changed on her site. Just a simple refresh with it tidied up a bit and then moved into WordPress.

Annya had done a lot of research into Website Content Management systems and wanted to move away from her old Joomla site and into WordPress. PC Futures were contacted and selected to handle this process, including hosting and managing the backups of the site. All of this we managed as part of our normal web development work.

As this was a very simple rebuild we managed to turn this around very quickly giving her a new platform to work from.


We took stock of what was on the old site and began porting across the info. Annya was very prescriptive on what she wanted and it was a mirror of her old site, just in WordPress which we know very well.

This made the work very easy for us and we quickly set about handling the redirects and building the new site. Some minor adjustments were made to content but all in all it was a very simple project.

Annya is very happy with the simplicity of what we have done and manages the site herself as we built it with this end goal in mind.


The site was completed in April 2015 and running very well. Annya is managing fine looking after and administering the site with some simple training delivered by us. All in all a simply and quickly deployed web development project made easy with just a touch of search engine optimiation (SEO). This has left The Pain Relief Clinic in a much stronger footing to engage with their customers online.