Helping The Physio Clinic Reach More Customers


Ipswich based Physio Clinic came to us wanting a more modern looking site than the custom built one that they had. After visiting our client we spent some time looking at what was special about The Physio Clinic and what types of business they wanted to attract.

We looked at what existed beforehand and what was worth keeping and started from there. We used existing images and text where possible as we set about understanding how they enguaged with customers online and how we can enhance that. The goal was always to help them get more enquiries online through simple web development and to rank better for key search terms with simple but effective search engine optimisation.


When the client moved away from their existing supplier we helped them to enhance on what they already had by planning the move correctly. We handled all the redirection from old pages to new ones so there are no broken links. We’ve handled all the online marketing and graphic design to fit in with their existing branding. We also added some specific points of interest on the site where they can add more to it to take things further.

We built a site within WordPress, a platform we know exceptionally well and Google and other browsers love it also. We’ve put in a FAQ for customers and also looked at some specialisms for the business.

A particular specialism of The Physio Clinic is their high level treatment of high speed injuries. Their have some expert knowledge in the treatment and management of motorcycling trauma and fractures and this is something we wanted to highlight.

We worked with the client all the way through the design and rebuild process. The site we know generates plenty of enquiries and it has more than paid for itself many times over.

We turned the project around quickly and it is well hosted on our super fast and secure SSD hosting platform. We also handle the backup facility and analytics.

We also check and monitor the SEO on the site to keep it in great order.


The site was completed in May 2015 and running well. So well in fact that in the first five month it has generated well over 125 enquiries emailed through it.

Their new site is very well established with plenty of room to grow and develop over time. We are really pleased to work with the Physiotherepy Clinic as they do some pretty amazing work.