Praxis 42

Praxis42 are consultancy firm specialising in occupational health and safety and environment advice. Their clients range from nationwide pub chains to national media channels; from high street retailers to high security casinos and from local Estate Agents to global insurance and banking leaders.

Praxis approached us to manage the migration from their current WordPress Hosts as they wanted to deal with a local expert who could maintain and manage their site for them.


We carried out an audit of the site and cloned a version to our development servers. We then ran a complete scan on the site and made some recommendations that would improve performance and security.


We carried out the recommendations including optimising the database and upgrading it to a newer version. We also optimised images and other elements of the site. We also installed an advanced firewall software solution to further enhance our security suite of products. When we were happy with performance and security we cloned the site to our production servers.


Praxis42 is a fully maintained customer so we perform daily backups of their site and constantly monitor both the performance and security of the site. Maintenance customers also have their site regularly updated to the latest versions of plugins and core files alongside receiving an enhanced monthly report. We also work closely with the client advising them when they want to add new features or content to the site.

To find out how we would do the same with you please call us on 01473 760599 or contact us by clicking here.