Protect Your Earnings

Protect Your Earnings

Protect Your Earnings on the go
with PC Futures Ltd

At PC Futures we took the name because we wanted to be at the forefront of technology and to show businesses what it can really do to help them.

Recently a client came to us wanting to be able to get time sheets signed on the go by clients, matching their job sheets.

Through our advice service we went out into the market and trialed a few software solutions to find the best one that suited their specific needs.

As a result the client and his engineering staff have a simple new system that does the following:

  • A combined time sheet and job sheet where they can add specific information relevant to the work at hand, all on the go.  Then the customer can sign it off confirming what was done and what they are paying for.
  • All engineers and staff use the same sheet but none of them can alter the template in error.  They just use a new one for each call.
  • The job sheet is then emailed directly to the client’s own accounts department where it is then married up with an invoice and sent to their client.
  • Photographs can be added via a mobile device to the job/time sheet showing the site was left tidy and no damage was done to any equipment.
  • It supports their own terms of business, protecting them if they are asked by clients to fit opened goods or items with parts missing.
  • It is simple to use and takes a minute or two maximum per job sheet.
  • The job sheets can be customised with minimal effort by us and sent out to all engineers if changes are needed.
  • It has the client’s full branding on it all enforcing their professional image.
  • It links with cloud storage backing up all the devices.

This was delivered for a low cost and it provides the client with a professional appearance that along with the other services we have provided, set them apart from their competition.

If you would like to protect your earnings, improve the look of your business and gain a bigger online footprint speak to PC Futures Ltd.

Protect Your Earnings On The Move
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