Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring2017-10-04T08:06:15+00:00

IT supportIf you already have an IT team we can work with them to improve their productivity and service delivery in supporting the business.

Our real time monitoring software allows you to monitor workstations and servers and performs real time checks 24/7.

  • Monitoring: Servers, workstations, exchange, network equipment and connectivity.
  • Pro-active Maintenance: Servers & desktops – automation, patching, restart services, etc.
  • Remote Support: Servers & desktops – rapid user assistance and remote maintenance.
  • Asset Tracking: Hardware, Software: Comprehensive reporting with electronic extract.
  • Customer Reporting: Automatic reporting on faults, status, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Alerting and Viewing: Single Web-based dashboard, NOC view, SMS, email & mobile phone.

We can configure the monitoring software as a secure web portal for your IT team and if you want us to, we can keep an eye on it as well (we recommend this) and it’s something we’re very good at.

The pricing is very simple. We will charge you a monthly fee for servers and a smaller monthly fee for workstations.