Reserve Your Table – Table Booking System Goes Live!

At PC Futures Ltd we are known to most for WordPress development. However over the years we have added bespoke software development to what we do and this is the latest product from our development team – Reserve Your Table.

We wanted to produce a table reservation system which didn’t have a big ticket price. Something which was easy to use, free to set up and best of all – it’s true cost was capped.

Built from the ground up Reserve Your Table gives any bar, pub, restaurant, nightclub or venue the opportunity to take reservations with ease.

Reserve Your Table


We sat down as a group and talked about what opportunities we could develop internally as products and services. We looked at what else was already on the market, some big players but with them also came big price tags. Instead we set out going for something light weight, agile and easy to use.

We realised most venue managers and staff didn’t have time to fit ‘around’ new IT systems. So, we made Reserve Your Table with the owners and operators in mind.

It has a simple to use back end control system for administrators to manage it. It is also so easy as well that anyone can install it in their own responsive website. It’s easy, really easy.

Then – your site can start to take simple bookings and it fits around your normal business process.


The build was well managed, exactly how it was meant to be. We took the plan we had, added to it and developed something simple and with the users in mind.

The platform is built and hosted by us, best of all it’s not storing anything which will anger the GDPR gods – its a simple system which purges itself of customer data on a rolling basis. Long enough to export what management info you need if any but smart enough so that you are only keeping what you truly need.

It enables you to see who has booked. Their party size, date and time and their contact details and it emails whoever needs to know within your business.

It also confirms this with the customer.

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We are really happy with this. It was never meant to be a time consumer for customers but a simple and slick tool to drive customers to book with you and to enable your team to handle that booking. In short, it just takes and confirms the booking.

We’ve set up some policies and other key compliance items around the product and it’s now ready to roll.

If you would like to speak to us about Reserve Your Table please contact us.

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