Robust Business Ltd

The owner of Robust Business Ltd is in fact our first client who joined us way back in 2013 and he has been with us ever since.  Having now sold his original business (which is still with us also as a client) he has launched himself into the business consultancy world, looking to share his knowledge and experience of project management and processes.


The owner of Robust Business Ltd has sold his previous long standing business and wanted to take a step into a different arena.  Albeit one he knows well, so he sold his last business and has moved full time into the world of Business Consultancy and Project Management.  We know him well and we are sure he will make a success from this as he has with his past business endevours.

So, we were able to begin working on this website with an idea of what the customer was looking to achieve, whilst in effect gaining a new client as the owners of his new business are still with us.


Our client picked the images and provided the content for the website which left us with the simple task of set up, layout and then delivery.  The build went fairly smoothly and the site was delivered in January 2021.

For this build we choose WordPress as the most natural fit due to the good SEO out of the box with this website.


The site has been live and well settled in.  Google Analytics is set up despite it being unusually picky for a change but the client has full access to the reporting tools of the website and he knows what is happening with his own PPC campaigns.

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