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The owners of Runfix found our website by performing a simple internet search.  Our SEO ensured we were found and after a simple conversation we arranged to meet the owners.  They had some clear visions on how they wanted their business to develop and they were delighted to find a web development company that understood their plans from the outset.

Originally we spoke to them on apps and how a mobile app could deliver Runfix to the world.  After we listened we then took a different tact and suggested they should implement a new website first.

At PC Futures we do both apps and websites so it made little difference to us, however our expertise suggested a better website would work harder for them than diving straight into an app.  It gave us all a chance to establish the Runfix brand with stronger imagery and to guide it through to the next stage of its evolution.

The Site

Runfix offer a solution is for runners wanting to improve their performance and reduce injuries through video.  Most of us will know the running bug has bitten hard in the UK with running clubs experiencing big growth.

With business people running for charity and a whole host of other sports requiring motion/running it seems it is now a bit event on social media.  We built the site to target these areas and to work with the time and expertise the owners had to invest in the business.

Both of the founders have a clear idea of which groups to target and how to deliver their video analysis service as easily as possible.  Where we came in was with the linking other technology into a format that works for their customers.  RunFix Square LogoAlso, what other things would sit around the site to attract new and returning visitors to it.

Strong visuals are a big key for the site as it needed to show the market who they are and what they do whilst gently guiding visitors through the correct sections.

We started with a simple but effected logo and build on from there.  The site has informative blogs attached to it relating to running and sport in general.  It also talks people through the products and services they offer.

The site is mobile responsive and with a strong, clean homepage it really stands out looking different from many other sites around.

It has an ecommerce system in it enabling people to see what things cost but it also enables the owners to manage the buying process to ensure they are giving the right level of service to their customers.

The Results

There will be an app to follow no doubt.  For the moment though we all felt Runfix would best benefit from a traditional but well optimised website.

We are working with the Runfix team on further marketing and driving their product and service forward.  The site looks fantastic and is simple to use and it will grow as the business expands.

It was all delivered on time and budget with us meeting the clients before anything was done.  It was also build on our development environment so the Runfix directors and staff could see their new website being built.

We have since taken over their IT support and moved their business to Office 365 and we are now talking to them about other business interests as well.

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