Search Engine Optimisation


Get Your Business Found

Getting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) right can be seen as some sort of black art but it shouldn’t be. Its marketing, framed with IT and served with a tiny side order of sales – honestly that’s about it. It isn’t anything magical or hugely technical even, but, it does require a lot of thought before you touch anything. This is where PC Futures and our expert Search Engine Optimisation service can help.

We are a multi-disciplinary IT business, we understand SEO very well, also we can relate to what went before it and what will come after it in your business. Unlike other companies who only do Search Engine Optimisation, we understand how this links to the other parts of a company and specifically the website it sits within. How it can impact on your sales people, how social media can relate to it, and why your customers may or may not find you. We can speak to marketing people in the business so they can lighten their load and enable you to use the content that you have already made in print to boost your digital footprint.

Localised Search Engine Optimisation

A good thing if your business wants a better hold on the market around you. We use it ourselves, all the time as we want to build a strong presence locally in addition to reaching out across the wider community.

We understand Search Engine Optimisation very well as all of our clients who use this service from us have seen dramatic improvements.

Search Engine Optimisation is a little and often thing rather than an expensive big one-off project. An initial set-up and then maintenance on a site gives you the best example of getting what you need.

For us, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and as a result, we are happy to show you client sites and live searches to show how they rank in real-time.

The advantage we have is we understand how websites are built, how marketing should be done and why customers are most likely to want to find you. We can provide simple and friendly advice on this and many other marketing relating matters to enhance all aspects of your online footprint.

PC Futures is a multi-disciplinary IT business with a wide range of expertise. So if you have an online shop that isn’t selling well or you want a website that makes YOU money then speak to us.

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