Signs For You

Signs For You contacted us from a simple Google search having looked at our website. Following this, they then spoke with us about what they were looking to achieve. approached We’ve worked with the owners of Charity Hub East for some time on a range of projects and we are delighted to be working with them again on this project.

After meeting with the owners of Signs For You we looked at their current online offering and how we could improve it. To begin with, they ran two sites, but they were too similar and looking for different customers.

So, we suggested targeting their markets closer with two sites but ones which better matched the needs of the respective markets.

The initial rebuild of signs for you wasn’t very different to the original, we fixed bugs and improved it where we needed too. The second site though was a complete rework entirely. By us using the right web design, with a simple and effective WordPress website we made the first site and second come to life. The second though, this has had a significant amount of custom development included.

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Signs For You Main WordPress Website


Having spoken with Signs For You we proposed a range of tidy ups, fixes and alterations to their standard site. In this case it was quicker to rebuilt and adjust their existing site. We took over the hosting and maintenance of the new site and began work.

We increased security in the site, added a SSL to it and began working with more premium plugins.

Also we had to alter how the galleries worked, and working on the SEO as needed.


The build wasn’t too difficult for this site. However, their follow on site, the second one was a very different website totally.

Our time was spent picking apart the markets they operate in and turning this into a deliverable multi site offering.


This site is now live, the client is happy and the SEO is growing for the main SFY site. This meant we were now free to focus on the second offering.

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