A Simply Money Refresh

Simply Money Ltd have returned to us for a refresh of their original website.  With an excellent track record this independent Ipswich based financial advisors can advise on a host of mortgage products and to suit their customer’s needs and we are delighted to help them again.

To see what we did for them back in 2016 click here.


We’ve known Simply Money for some years now and having seen what we did for them back in 2016 they returned to us to go again.  The main reason for this was they have changed their colour scheme and branding and they wanted a website that reflected this look and not the red of old.  We spoke with the owner and his team and looked at what key search terms were needed and what was in the old site and no longer required.

Then, when we had all the facts we set about getting to work.


Simply Money are now familiar with how we work and this project was a very simple one to deliver.  We know them and they know us which is ideal.

We added some new pages to the site, adjusted content which was there and in need of a refresh.  Then, we presented it back to the client for sign off.

We are pleased to say we completed the project on time and on budget.


The site has been life for a few months now and the client is pleased with it.  It fits what they wanted, what they are doing now as a business and it matches their new colour scheme.

A simple project, effortlessly delivered.

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