A single IT supplier can save you time and money

It isn’t unusual for business to source their various IT needs from several suppliers, but is this the most efficient way to source all these services?  To start with it can seem like it as you grow and add new services to strengthen your business BUT in the long run does it cost you more?

IT services, also called digital services, can include a company hosting a website, a graphic designer to provide consistent branding to social media, website pages, e-newsletters or other marketing materials, website designers/builders, SEO specialists, IT support and then marketing specialists to provide content including blogs, social media posts and website words.

While as consumers we are all advised to shop around for the best deals on services applying the same principle to business services will not necessarily result in savings.

If something goes wrong with IT services it can also cause problems particularly because small businesses do not have the same rights and protection as consumers do.

If something does happen it can be a time-consuming minefield for a business trying to pinpoint the root cause of a problem when there are multiple providers as there is a danger that each could suggest that the problem is elsewhere with another provider.

For the business owner, who may not be an expert in IT, this can cause a lot of frustrating and time consuming negotiation between providers in order to get a problem resolved, especially if the business relies on its website for sales, as in an e-commerce website.

For many reasons, therefore, buying an end-to end package offering all the services detailed above may be a better option.  This is provided the suppliers are as experienced in all areas as they claim to be.  There is nothing worse for us than when we hear a client thought they had an end to end service to find out the provider has actually outsourced the parts they can’t really do!

Firstly with a true end to end supplier, the cost is likely to be significantly lower because the provider is buy tech and hosting at a lower cost than an individual can.

Secondly, the company is in a better position to understand its clients’ needs from the start.  The means designing and building the website right from the outset and paying critical attention to coding and SEO to ensure it works well once it is completed.  After all everyone wants a seamless product not a bunch of things which are thrown together.  When everything is made with a whole holistic approach then security and functioning work right from the start for the website user/customer AND the business itself.

Adding new content, not only on e-commerce sites, has become an increasingly important element of how the search engines assess a website’s value and therefore its position in their lists, some IT providers also offer a blog writing and social media marketing service.

Finally, should anything go wrong with a website the tracking process to identifying the cause of the problem will be a lot simpler.

The result – a saving in time, cost and less frustration for the website owner and if something goes wrong you only have one supplier to kick, no blame game.