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At PC Futures Ltd we have set ourselves some lofty heights to reach but we know any business growth has to be built on a stable platform.

Mobile apps, IT infrastructure, websites, marketing plans and SEO work are no different, and we do all of these very well.  We wanted to share with you something on our SKYRUNNER platform which can help to debunk some of the myths around mobile apps.

1st Myth – They are just a fad

In our years we have encountered some fads, Virgin cola was one, nobody knows what happened to it but it’s gone from our stores.

IT has also had some myths as well, DIVX being a big one.  It lets you rent movies online (which millions of people do at home now).  DIVX originally needed a separate player and the disks that played in it were thrown away as useless after two days.  It never worked and was a total flop.  Sadly the software is still there on some video streaming sites annoying us all.

Mobile apps though are something new and they are as big to the UK business world as the internet was back in it’s day.  Honestly the M-Commerce market is huge and growing in a big way. The old fashioned PC is starting to decline in sales as tablets and mobile devices/surfaces become better and the UK gets a better internet structure with the arrival of 4G.

Mobile app sales and downloads are huge and many of our clients are enjoying a new area of marketing in a less crowded marketplace.

The whole app market is growing and the technology is advancing at a blistering pace and as much as we are PC lovers the old desktop could be coming to an end in the next 5-10 years.

2nd Myth – Apps are expensive

Some are if you’re wanting to do something very cutting edge but in truth most of them are not.  Our SKYRUNNER platform enables us to deliver high end mobile apps at a sensible ‘non-bespoke’ price.

We can do custom builds and we do for some clients with very specific needs in mind.  In truth though our SKYRUNNER platform will cover 80% of clients’ needs and for a small to mid-sized company it enables you to get a professional presence in the app world for a lower price than you would expect.

With SKYRUNNER the apps are available as standard in iPad, iPhone and Android formats.

SKYRUNNER mobile apps

3rd Myth – How to support my app

There are two options here.  As part of your marketing strategy you may want us to manage and run the app when it is live.  This is a simple service we offer to a number of our clients.

The other option is you can do it yourself and it doesn’t take long.  With a bit of thought about what you want to use it for, with no IT skills and about an hour’s training you can run the app yourself.  Honestly it has been designed for non IT professionals and many of our clients who run their apps do so with minimal training.

There is also a full help menu of instructions as standard in the app.

4th Myth – How do I know who has my app?

Well in truth you can’t ‘know’ who has it.  Data protection and app analytics don’t give you this level of granular detail.  They do though let you see how many people in a region has your app, what operating system they are using (apple or android) and where they are spending their time.

You can see how many downloads you have in any country and a whole host of other, very cool info.

This is as standard in all SKYRUNNER apps, it lets you see how well your mobile marketing is doing and so you can stick to what is working for you.

5th Myth – A business app is just a website

Not at all.

Also it shouldn’t be as repeating the info you have on a website at times can be beneficial but including app specific stuff is a must.

An app is much more NOW than a website.  Big chunks of data should go on a website but smaller ‘in the moment’ offers, advice and information should go in apps.  Apps have geolocation services that show the user where they are in relation to a clients and many more functions.

An app can send a message to anyone who gets within 1 mile of your business pointing them to offers as soon as they get in range.  “Come and try our lunchtime specials.” No website can do that!

In truth there is a huge range of benefits to an app.  They aren’t right for every company but the creative opportunities for a business to stand out from the crowd are huge.

6th Myth – Apps take a long time to make

No, a bespoke app can take a few months or longer but with SKYRUNNER the whole process can be completed in as little as two weeks.  If you have the text and artwork it can actually be this quick.  3-4 weeks if you haven’t and we can assist on this.

All it needs is your commitment and input at the start and PC Futures will take over and do what we are good at.  For more info on what SKYRUNNER or a custom app can do please contact us.

We are the leading force in Suffolk app development with a great and growing client list.  We are always developing more ideas and keeping up to date on the technology as it evolves.

The name PC Futures is what we are about and apps will have a big part to play in the SME and corporate market for a long time to come.

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