Slings n Shackles

Slings n Shackles was an e-Commerce project generated by an existing client of ours.  They wanted a way to increase their business’s reach by having an online shop that can deliver to their sector.  For this, the site had to have the ability to handle a large range of products across a very diverse set of categories.

PC Futures delivered something bright and effective which suits them and the important work they deliver in their marketplace.


This is a continuation of work for a client which has been in planning for a number of years.  We spoke with our client and took in the detail and the technical nature of the products that they are wishing to sell.

We knew this project would require some work to carve up the data to make it practical for a website.  Just so as users can understand how the products work and the huge range of variations on specific products.


The build was completed and after some alterations based upon the clients feedback we delivered a website which fits them.  It covers all their core services and uses their imagery to really ‘fit’ with how their sector is.

The needs of this client were more focused around design than functionality with the visuals being key.  So, a lot of time was spent making sure it fitted them and specific attention was placed on small details which set their site apart.

There is a lot of small, subtle adjustments in this build which enables them to have a real high end finish.


This site went live July 2022 and is working very well indeed.  It is being backed up fully and maintained by us with more products being added each month.

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