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Well the first bit of bad weather has hit and the country has suffered. Trains aren’t running and travel times have gone through the roof. Generally it’s a bit of a mess.

The Internet has been down for many and in some rural parts people have no power at all. As a result small business owners were literally left powerless to work. That means no earnings, and you can’t get that time back.

There is another way, an alternative to avoid more of the same happening as the snow, storms and bad weather of winter take effect.
Oddly the saviour is THE CLOUD. Yep, Office 365 will enable you to work anywhere you have an internet signal, with all your documents and files to hand. The advantage of this small business IT soloution is no matter where your internet is coming from you can use all your data.

Recently many people have been reduced to working in pubs, cafés and on WIFI hotspots but the trouble is if your data is stored in other places you have a lot to carry around with you. From experience the key files you need will always be the ones you can’t access. Now you can.

Office 365 keeps all of your data on mirrored locations and you can access them all wherever you get a signal. Wherever you end up working, be it a café or whatever, you can get to all your emails, documents, Excel, PowerPoint and if you upload it even your CMS system.

The cost is monthly (and paid direct to Microsoft), we make no margin on it. Once the setup is done it is so simple to use and it works with you wherever you are.

So if you want to avoid the pain of downtime, get mobile and join the cloud. Want to know more? Speak to PC Futures – we’re in the cloud already, come join us.

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