The Smoke House Kitchen Website

The owners of The Smoke House Kitchen are well known to us and they have been clients of ours for some years now.  When Covid-19 hit they wanted to open up another area of their business as the events industry (their core business) had been hard by lockdown.  As a result, they needed a route to market for their new smoked foot products and this is where we helped them out.


The owners of the Smoke House Kitchen we know well, we’ve helped them for years and managed their online presence.  However, this was a new venture from the start.

It was uncharted territory with product design, development and everything involved and we’ve seen them work very hard to get a great set of products online.  Also, they taste really good!

This was a clean start and only the name was known so we had the chance to go wherever we needed to in the development of this clean and simple to use e-Commerce website.


A log was needed which we produced easily and to print level quality.  Also, we used WordPress on the website and WooCommerce to give it the shopping cart level of control.

We worked with the owners to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for customers and with the photographer we recommended the food pictures are high end and they look perfect, to match the taste of their food.


The site went live in August 2020 and they are enjoying the benefits of this diversification already.  People are buying their products and they are making a name for themselves.  The owners have a great understanding of the food industry and this has really stood them in well to make The Smoke House Kitchen a great business and to grow it further.

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