What social media platform is right for your business?

What social media platform is right for your business?

As hard as it is to believe not every social media platform works for every business.  Some come and go but there are some stalwarts who have stood the test of time.  They have endured and do well for masses of businesses across the world.  This doesn’t mean they are all right for you though.

The question asked is What social media platform is right for your business? – the problem is it’s a massive question where the answer depends on so many things.

So here is a little look at each one with a bit more depth to them than you would see in your average blog.  Hopefully this will help you find out a bit more about which ones to try and importantly, why.


what social media platform is right for your business?Twitter is always up to date with the current trends in your field and worldwide trends. It’s a fast paced platform which can seem a little daunting to begin with as things move fast.

It allows you to see what is relevant to you and to find your place within its online community of people.  You can do this with common interests, goals and motives.  Like all social media platforms though you need to spend time taking part.  You can develop valuable connections and be influenced by those like-minded people and companies you meet.  As Twitter is so up to date taking part is key.  Keep an eye on trends to see where you can chip in and use it to your advantage. It’s so current that a lot of news shows and papers get their news given to them by twitter.

Hashtags #whatisahashtag – well they look like this.  You can make a hashtag about anything you want and it gives others the chance to follow it.  You can use it for things that you sell or brands (they usually have their own).  It’s good to get involved on these as it makes it easier for new people to find what you want to talk about.  You could do #Microsoft if you work in IT selling this type of product or #dance if you are a dance school.  Then when you are more confident you could try some more specific ones.  The thing about hashtags is you can use as many as you want.  This widens your potential reach but it can dilute a message if not done right.  To know more speak to us on all things Twitter.

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Being the largest social media platform out there it only makes sense to create a Facebook page for your business.  It gives you the opportunity to be found with a quick search and enables one-to-one communication with customers and potential customers through the chat feature Facebook offers. With Facebook it’s so much easier to reach your target market geographically and individual wise as many users have previously added their interests and location to their personal profiles. On top of that you are able to view very specific analytics which can be a great way of measuring what marketing techniques work and what you could possibly be doing differently.

Responding to customers- Facebook provides an easy and quick way to communicate with followers on a regular basis allowing you to respond to any queries or questions within the comment section and chat feature.  Armed with this you can gradually build up a good reputation and Facebook automatically calculates your average response time this can take a big part in a customer wanting to contact you as nobody wants to wait ages for a response.

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Instagram is all about the visual and is a great way to showcase your products, get people excited about what you offer and get creative as you’d like to. Start posting high quality photos of your products and videos of what you sell in action, encourage customers to show how much they love your products on their own page too. People are much more likely to respond to another consumer and most likely trust their opinion and review than they are not matter how many claims you make how wonderful your product is. For example, you may sell hair products and someone may post the final look of their hair after using your product or a tutorial and other people may desire to have the same hairstyle so they’ll make sure to buy your product to get the same result, you always want to engage with these types of things and repost them to your profile because it’s all in your favour. With Instagram you can almost create a personality for your account and make it really engaging. If your business only offers a service and not actually something people can buy you can always make an account because you can also demonstrate and show off what you offer. Instagram allows you to really connect with your target audience and get to know what their interests are. Tell a story, provide an interesting experience and throw in some fun but relevant posts. It’s recommended that you connect your Instagram to your Facebook to be acknowledge as a business page by Instagram.

Easy to contact- A button for people to contact you is provided right on your Instagram page. It includes directions, an option to call you and your email as well as your website. Whether they decide to choose you all determines how your profile is presented well and you’ve managed attract the right audience.

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What makes Google+ different from having your business on any other platform is the impact on search traffic volume and SEO, it’s essential to have no matter what industry your business falls under. Google for businesses makes you appear in searches, on the map and of course on Google+. For example, we would appear when someone types “Web developers Ipswich, Suffolk” or something along those lines. On your Google+ business profile people can leave reviews which then allow potential buyers to have that little bit more of trust in you and hopefully pick you over competitors. Google+ comes with features such as YouTube, Hangouts, AdWords and even more that all contribute towards you maximising your marketing strategies.

Google is the main search engine for the majority of internet users, take full advantage of the features it offers and see your businesses name repeatedly at the top of search terms.

It may take a while to get things running and a bit of trial and error to find what truly works for you but once you do consistency is key, keep at it and you’ll see results.

Google has some powerful tools to help you market your business.  It can help with SEO and marketing by using the platform correctly.

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