Stag and Doe Jewellers

Stag & Doe Jewellers Embrace e-Commerce

PC Futures Ltd knew the owners of this popular Sudbury based Jewellers and in conversation it was discussed that they want to do more on their marketing and online presence.  They engaged PC Futures to build a big site with over 400 products to choose from.  As a result they have something for all tastes and budgets.

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Stag and Doe, Sudbury based Jewellers Take e-Commerce seriously

Stag and Doe had a hand coded and older style website which had served them well as a reference point.  The plan was they wanted to drive more interest to the shop from the local community but equally from further a field.

The business owners are known to PC Futures and as a result we were only too happy to help.  We talked around an e-Commerce site but also using the power of Amazon to help increase sales and to use this to help boost sales and website sales.

PC Futures have a solid understanding of e-Commerce, marketing and Amazon and bringing all three into our discussions with Stag & Doe means we will be able to do a lot for them.

We went through website designs and graphics, what would be sold on a Amazon and how the process can work.  It’s a big undertaking on the Amazon side alone and the website was a huge job as well.  Over 400 products plus variations!

There was a lot of planning involved and then once the design was agreed it was onto the grind of listing a mountain of products.  This is done and more content is being added all the time.

The owners are supporting things with social media and marketing posts as traffic to the site grows.  In this project we had to consider how we handle exceptions, shipping, returns and so many things.

It’s a great showcase site for us as it looks excellent visually and it’s reach is growing.

The site handled branded and the Stag and Doe own brand products giving quality space to both sets of items.

The site is live now and it’s reach is growing.  More products are planned and it’s really delivering well as we now tackle the Amazon side of things as we know this will add some great revenue to the business as the site grows.

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