PC Futures Develop a Stock Control system for Barton Electrical

The owners at Barton Electrical have been one of our longest running clients. We are delighted to be still working with them today – for over half a decade now.

This was an enquire which came up after a number of discussions with the directors and owners at Barton Electrical. As they use a lot of components and the mobile electricians always have stock in their vans. The problem was often they were ordering in components which they already had in stock.

The purpose of this was to track stock of components and other items, where they were in the business and to reduce the need to order in more that they needed.

We had already built a mobile app and a WordPress website some years back for them so this was something new to further add value to the business. This was a complete custom development project but it had to link into the other existing items also.

Barton Stock Control


When we spoke with the directors of Barton Electrical they knew they had more stock in some areas than some of the staff thought. As a result staff we ordering in items which the directors felt were already in stock.

In a bit to reduce excessive stock and to improve profitability they asked us to provide a simple stock control system to enable them to get a true understanding on their stock levels.

This needed to show what the item was called, where it was purchased from, at what price and where it is located now. As a result this has improved accounting, eased stock concerns and improved the already great service which they offer to customers.


This build was very easy, it had to be responsive as most staff use mobile devices when on clients sites. The staff can update components and parts used to head office and head office can monitor stock levels and order accordingly.

Also, stock levels can be moved from stores to vans as needed to keep the engineers on the road for as long as possible.

The platform is hosted by us and maintained by us. There is a full product search function, a time and materials calculation and a quoting tool as well. On the quotes it shows who made it, which customer it’s for and all of the items specified on the quote. In short, it makes live easier for customers, the business and it’s staff.


We delivered this platform on time and budget. In March 2018 we added some new features to this at the customers requests and it handles a huge range of stock items and where they are.

It makes our clients work easier. So much so that they located tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock in the first week giving them a nice boost.

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