Suffolk Web Design with Pooley Removals

How We Did It

The first thing we did was go through our 5 question approach to build a picture of what was needed and who the existing and potential clients were.

Secondly, we spent some time looking at suitable images that would tell the story of a highly successful removal company but not feature the obvious crates or trucks.

Thirdly, we talked about copy and asked the client to open a bottle of wine and get creative describing their business and services. What works for them and the types of work they would want more of.

Once we had gathered together the information and had an idea on how to tell the ‘Pooley’s story’ we got to work developing the site using WordPress and our premium design expertise. Some web developers like building from scratch where we develop using the highest end, market ready and tested themes that mean we have the backup of thousands of developers and users, something you just don’t get with a self-built theme in our opinion.

We then spent some time working with hi res images that represented what Pooley Removals is all about. We decided to go with an oblique reference to removals by using images of pianos and fine art, representing the care Pooley Removals take with their customer’s prized possessions. Then we used images of local land marks in Suffolk to represent the local side of the business and then Scottish highland scenes to represent the truly nationwide and global service they offer. This gave us much more scope to create a really good looking site with some excellent images in it.

We developed the site in a development environment where the customer could view our progress as we went. This meant our web development cycle becomes much more agile allowing us to make small changes when and if the customer wants them, rather than present the site at the end and then hope they like it.

Ongoing Support

Once the site was built and their content was added we then went through the content to make sure it flowed and was much more ‘SEO Friendly’. We then were ready to go live. Web based SEO is a particular strength of ours.

Suffolk Web Design delivered quickly

“It is great to see a professional shop window for the professional service we offer to our customers”.

“We are seeing an uplift in visitors to the site and have started taking enquiries and business directly from the site is coming through”.

Jenny Monk, Pooley Removals