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A local DJ and music producer contacted PC Futures to update her existing WordPress site.  Tallulah Goodtimes as she performs under contacted us to see if PC Futures could help.

The brief was a tight one as the existing WordPress site needed tidying up and giving a lift.  The client has a basic understanding of working with WordPress which enabled us to get things moving quickly and reduced our handover period as she knew how to look after the site going forward.

This project wasn’t about the technology the site is build in at all but it was totally about the look, feel and design.  The original site was very white and with a strong corporate feel to it which is what many WordPress sites have.  We were asked to make something with an ‘art deco’ feel to it.  The site is a home for Electro Swing music which is the genre that Tallulah plays.

In this site we had to incorporate a number of high resolution images from a photo shot, an events calendar and to display her SoundCloud music files for fans to listen with.

We spent a lot of time on this project making small but intricate changes to get the sites look really to represent our client and the market she works in.  We put in an SEO suite to ensure the site appears is search engines based on the content provided.

As a result the Tallulah Goodtimes site represents the music she produces, the style she gives and as a result it looks very different to the original white website. Now our client has a site they can maintain themselves and it will last them into the future at a reasonable cost.

We are pleased how this site turned out and although it wasn’t technically challenging to do a lot of custom development went into it to keep it mobile responsive and to get the feel right.

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