The Birth Nest

The Birth Nest Evolves

The Birth Nest is run by an Ipswich based business woman who is expanding into new areas and ideas.  Originally we worked with this client to create Empowering Birthing.  A simple site to give fledgeling business a starting point.  Since then the Doula and other baby related services have taken off and now the business owner wants to invest in other areas with a new, more dedicated website.

We were only too happy to help see this project through to it’s launch and to support the owner going forward.  We at PC Futures Ltd were able to deliver the right web design, with a simple and effective WordPress website.

the birth nest
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The Birth Nest Is Born

The Birth Nest was made to specific graphical designs by the client.  As a result this site was completed quickly as our client originally asked someone from within the business to try to make the site.  The idea is they would be closer and had done work for other Doula style businesses.

After a period of time the client realised we would be more suited to delivering this project and contacted us at short notice to begin the project anew.

We produced their original site which helped to get the business launched.  This was an evolution of the business and as a result we were delighted to be asked again to do this as per the clients brief.

We had a number of meetings with the client and followed with their design plan.  Our client produced a new logo and used many of her own images on the site.

This gave her the feeling that the site hers and it gives a true reflection of who she is and what she does.

The site has been live now and settling in well.  We know our client receives bookings and enquiries from it.  Also, that the business is progressing in the right way putting it’s best foot forward.

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