Top reasons for Bars and Clubs to have an app

Mobile apps have transcended industries and can add real value to a host of different businesses.  One of the key industries that can really benefit from an app and utilise it as a critical component is the bar and club market.

Bars and clubs are often big on promotions online and utilise social media well.  An app like SKYRUNNER is ideal when it comes to social media and engaging with customers. Whether this is through promotions for products or publicising events, bars and clubs can use the full power of a PC Futures SKYRUNNER app to their advantage.

Here are our “top 10” reasons why bars and clubs should have an app:

1) Brand Loyalty – Every small business likes to engage with their customers and stand out from the competition. By having an app, your business has taken its first step to being an industry leader. SKYRUNNER has a number of features within itself that enables owners to develop loyalty from QR coupons to GPS check-ins; critical features that could help build brand loyalty and keep your business on top.

2) Mobile Food Ordering – An app is a great way for you to display the type of food and beverages your business serves. Why not go a step further and allow your customers to purchase your products directly through their phone? With SKYRUNNER’s commerce facility this is now possible and we also offer a number of third party integrations such as PayPal.

3) Push Messages – An app is a fantastic way for you to utilise push notifications and publicise your business. Do you have a special drinks offer tonight? Great, with a simple push notification you can send out FREE messages to everyone that has downloaded your app. Further uses include promoting events as well as generating business in traditionally “quiet” times.

4) Social Media – Businesses can increase their social media presence by having their Facebook & Twitter pages fully integrated into their app. Users can easily ‘like’ your Facebook page and ‘follow’ your business on Twitter with one click and they can even make posts to your Facebook wall, all from within your app.

5) Bookings – An app gives your customers the perfect opportunity to hire/book your venue for their party or event. PC Futures apps have incorporated a number of forms for you to utilise that make it easy and straightforward for your customers to contact your business.

6) Photos – Your app can really engage with customers by showing off the atmosphere within your business via a picture gallery. Customers can get a feel for the facilities available at your business and can visualise their big party/event at your premises. Moreover, SKYRUNNER allow your customers to submit their photos to you so you can display these on Facebook or within your gallery – incentivise this to build even closer relationships with your clientele.

7) Monthly Polls – Do your customers want a particular type of event at your club? A preferred band or artist maybe? Perfect – with your app you can obtain that information easily and quickly. Just run a quick poll through your app – give your customers a range of options, incentivise their response by offering a free drink or ticket and voila, you have your next club night pencilled in.

8) Word of Mouth – An app can help connect people and create a buzz amongst your customers. For instance, your customers can recommend your business to their friends via your app, thus encouraging them to meet up or check out your business in the future.

9) Music & Videos – Your app can integrate any videos or music you may have at your business premises. For example, does your business have a YouTube channel? This can be integrated into your app and your customers can view these direct from your app.

10) Cost Efficient – The cost of an app is relatively small compared to the amount of money many businesses spend on their other marketing activities. However, by having an app you have the potential to keep your business in your customers’ pockets 24 hours a day.

An app for your bar or club is a seriously powerful proposition when designed and created with your business in mind. Take the next step in going mobile and contact PC Futures to see how an app could add real value to your business and keep you ahead of your competitors.

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