Top reasons why Hair Salons need an app

The hair industry is a fiercely competitive industry but there are ways of getting ahead.  It is all about having top stylists doing great work and offering that special service that ensures people come back to you time and time again.

A powerful way of getting your salon to be remembered, increasing business and keeping clients is with PC Futures SKYRUNNER app, here’s why.

  • Appointments – The age of technology has been with us for a while and it is gathering momentum again.  People want simplicity and convenience in every part of their life.  What better way to tap into this idea than to allow customers to book their hair salon appointments through your app? By having a appointments booking part in your own app your customers can fill out their details and book their next visit within a few simple clicks on their phone or mobile device. You can even collect small deposits if you want and allow them to setup reminders on their mobile phone!  It is all about keeping in the mind of your client but as a helper not a irritant.
  • Push Messages – Send messages to your customers, free of charge, informing them about special offers and promotions.  SKYRUNNER by PC Futures can let you do from the comfort of your hair salon or even the beach.  Running a promotion on salon products, or a discount for students it’s easy.  If you have a quiet period coming up what better way to rectify this than to send a quick, simple “pop up” message informing your customers about your promotional campaigns direct to their screen.
  • Loyalty Schemes – Every customer loves a bargain and your clients will be no different. Reward frequent customers with a variety of benefits as it is the benefits that will keep them coming back.  This is a chance for you to use our QR Coupons to Loyalty Stamps as an easy way to get creative.  Your customers can unlock these vouchers on each visit and when they’ve unlocked the required amount they get the reward.
  • M-commerce – An app is a fantastic way for you to display and sell your hair salon products to your customers. We can integrate your existing catalogue into your app, so customers need never worry about running out of their favourite hair care products. Not only will this add that extra layer of convenience for your customers, but it will allow your business become the go to expert in hair care, all from their pockets.
  • Social Media – Having your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr pages directly integrated into your app is an incredible way for your customers to interact with your business. Your customers can “like” your Facebook page or “follow” your business on Twitter, or “comment” on your YouTube channel directly through your app.  This really opens up the social element of your app and allows your customers to share your content with their friends and family, keeping your hair salon at the forefront of their mind.
  • Pictures – A customer can send in pictures of hair styles they would like and even their own current hairstyle so the experts can see what is practical and what isn’t.  Then when the hairstyle is finished you can upload it to all forms of social media and even the hairdressers own profile.

Our own SKYRUNNER App builder can build an app that will do all this and more for your hair salon.  You can really add value to your business and differentiate yourself from your competitors. This list isn’t exhaustive as it has a wealth of other features.

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