Trades Websites

Creative Home-Works provides home decorating and renovation services around the Ipswich area. They have many years’ experience behind them and were looking to create a digital presence that matches their offline experience. This is where PC Futures came in.

The Site

The Creative Home-Works directors wanted a site that would expand as they do and showcase their skills and previous project work within the trades and home renovation industry. PC Futures has a good understanding of producing trades websites and this is why Creative Home-Works found us so easy to work with.

The site needed to link easily to other 3rd party sites like which we did via a graphic in the sidebar. In addition, they wanted it to have a modern feel as they are a more polished type of trades business and they wanted to reflect this in their branding.

PC Futures had to work with a difficult corporate colour system which makes them stand out.

We did this on a WordPress platform as it provides the owners with the framework they need to administer the site. It is also liked by the search engines which is a big plus point for any trades websites.

We took this a stage further setting the business up on Office 365 so everyone can access and respond to emails while on the go. This has led to a range of new work being won and Creative Home-Works feeling more ‘in-tune’ with technology.

In Summary

The result was a clean and branded professional looking trades website that looks modern and showcases the business in their element. It serves as a good brochure site for Creative Home-Works to show off what they do to prospective customers.

The site is hosted and backed up fully by PC Futures and our client is pleased with their results. This site has given a true reflection of the workmanship they provide.

All trades websites in our view should be an indication of the level of workmanship and cleanliness that you would offer to a client. Think of it as a calling card, your customers will build up a view on you and your work based on how well your trades website looks. Keeping it clean, modern and professional, if that is your market is a must.

To discuss trades websites please contact us on 01473 760599.