A true story on SEO

At PC Futures we are pretty good at SEO.  We know what battles to win and more importantly the ones not worth fighting.

One of our directors owns a recruitment business and has done for many years.  Out of the blue the phone rang and someone informed us that a page from our site had been copied word for word by another business in Derby.

We checked and the caller was right.

It got me thinking about checking which other pages on all of our sites have been copied and it is a surprise, this wasn’t the first.  On a subject like this you need a bit of common sense, it’s fine to put a post on Facebook linking to an external source as its 100% clear that it isn’t your work.  We also know we are not the only people to suffer with plagiarism issues but it is interesting.

There is a lot of intentional copying that goes on so it may be worth searching for some of your own content on the internet.  We do guest blogging with other companies and industry experts so some bits of our work will be on other sites. This said, blatant stealing isn’t on.


We contacted the company who copied this and they said it was a work experience person who wrote it.  Either they have some very knowledgeable school kids on the recruitment industry in Derby or it was simply an excuse.  I wouldn’t let something written by anyone else go up on my site without checking it first – let alone a work experience student.

No harm done but it was an egg on the face moment.  The Icon site gets terrific traffic and this is the most viewed page on the site.  So in essence if you’re going to lift other peoples’ work, at least change it enough so it isn’t obvious.  Better yet write it yourself from scratch.

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