Wash Farm Barn’s Custom Web Platform

Having worked with the owners of Wash Farm Barns before we were contacted to help them to develop a bespoke management and membership booking system for this swimming pool based in Eye in Suffolk.

This needed to be a hybrid of WordPress but also a custom booking system as the plugins which can be used in WordPress were not quite right enough. As a result,

Using the right web design, with a simple and effective WordPress website we made this project come to life.

WordPress and Custom Development for Wash Farm Barn


The premise for this was a simple concept. The owners of Wash Farm Barn had typically managed membership manually. A mix of email, spreadsheets and other methods. They wanted enable the membership to renew and online. Just to create a self service platform. As a result, this required a mix of WordPress and our custom web developers to work in unison to deliver this project.

We collated the information that management required on their customers. What was needed for the customer and them, careful to be as GDPR compliant as we can.

Then, once we had all this information we set about building the custom part of the platform.


This bespoke system holds enough personal data to provide the services asked for. It handles the renewal process, the customer didn’t want it handling payments at present.

So, the site shows available slots for swimmers who are members. It also shows some specific events which are different to others and that anyone can book, even if they are not a member.

It also covers the Water Lilies Swimming School which is aimed just for children.

The site handles all of these booking types and sends reminders to the members when their membership is due for renewal. As it’s a busy regional pool members are keen to keep their places.

Secondly – We then produced a WordPress website to act as the front end. It explains to visitors what is needed and enables them to use and enguage with the pools. Also, it acts as a point of access to the membership system. In addition to this the site needed it’s own email handling capabilities which we manage for our customer.

Each quarter this sends out the renewal notification to all members.

All of this was delivered on time and is securely backed up and managed by us.


The client is happy with the end result and the site has settled in well.

as a result the site is live and gaining traction. The client has a team of content contributes who work on the site and they find it easy to use and simple to work with.

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