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Web Hosting

A lot of companies offer web hosting but not many of them specialise in it and really understand what needs to be in place.  When we first started website hosting we took the decision to ensure we delivered a high grade service which is both fast and secure enough for a modern business to exist online.  For us it’s about offering the correct service to our clients.

We have known customers who have spent a lot of money on websites only for them to be hosted on poorly maintained and insecure low specification servers. The analogy we give is that it’s like buying a Ferrari and then getting all your petrol in from a homemade refinery, it might work to start with but when there is a problem the problem is massive.

We are experts in hosting WordPress website, custom website or any other type.  We have a strong understanding of hosting security, back up plans, disaster recovery and how to get your site as strong for e-Commerce sales as possible.  We are happy to host sites we didn’t build in addition to the ones we have.

Here is some of the things we host:

  • Mobile Apps API’s
  • WordPress Websites
  • Custom Build Websites
  • Bespoke Developed Online Platforms
  • Websites Build By Us
  • Websites Build By Other Developers
  • Other Web Services

In short, we can host most things, offering the right advice at the right price.  So speak to us for all hosting, not just WordPress ones on 01473 527423.

  • High performance servers
  • Ultra-fast Solid state hard drives
  • Dedicated resources on the servers
  • Complete disaster recovery facilities
  • Tight perimeter security
  • High speed bandwidth

Just as important as the technical benefits from hosting with us are the support benefits, we know our stuff and can manage all aspects of your WordPress site and ensure it running to the best of its ability with our add on services such as Monthly Maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation, Content management and online marketing.