Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is often something which is underplayed. There are many aspects to it and no matter the type of website or application you have it will need maintenance to keep it in good order. Technology changes, no matter if it’s a WordPress website or something bespoke as the web is always evolving.

Thankfully at PC Futures we host and maintain a wealth of WordPress websites, mobile apps and bespoke applications and we know what is required to keeping data safe and to ensure your business is as lean and agile as it can be.

Our monthly maintenance solution is very important for WordPress websites as they need this level of attention to ensure they are as fit as they can be. Having a well-maintained website that is secure, fast and up to date, is a very important facet of your web presence and vital to keep your company’s online presence in the best shape it can be.

Aside from keeping content up to date, it is critical to ensure that your business is performing as it should on the internet.

In this, we offer a lot of critical parts to keeping a business-grade website as it should be.

To find out more, no matter if your website is a custom-built platform or something built on a CMS platform, we can help.

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Our maintenance package covers the following

Weekly, daily or even hourly remote backups

We take a granular backup of your website and store it in a secure cloud storage facility giving you version control and security.

Core system regular updates

WordPress regularly updates its core system; we take the time to test the update and then if we are happy to implement it on your website.

Monthly routine plugin updates

Plugins are small tools that give you the functionality within your WordPress website. The developers of these plugins from time to time release updates. We then check and test these updates to make sure they run well on your WordPress website.

Weekly critical plugin updates

Some plugins are critical system tools that require a tighter schedule for ensuring they are up to date.

Monthly database optimisation

Behind every good WordPress website, there is an optimised database, we ensure it stays that way keeping your site fast.

Monthly administration of spam comments

If you have blog posts on your WordPress website by default people can leave comments, unfortunately, there are also a lot of spam comments, we purge these monthly.

Monthly speed tests

Your search rankings can be affected if your site is slow, we check this and then act to try and increase the performance of your site.

Monthly contact form tests

It is important to know if you are getting enquiries from your website, we perform a test to make sure you are getting the emails from your website.

Free Secure certificate

You are probably aware of the little padlock seen in the address bar of a site. Google now penalises websites without a secure certificate. We install and manage a secure certificate for you as part of our maintenance package.

Weekly firewall and hack check

Using some advanced software in your WordPress website we can view reports on attempted hacks that the software stopped and block those numbers.

Alongside our regular proactive maintenance, we also support your website and help if things do go wrong, all you need to do is call us and we will fix it.

We do typically like to host the WordPress websites as we can then ensure some of the more technical elements of the website can also be managed, however, some of our maintenance clients do host elsewhere.

We see our monthly maintenance service as the perfect partner to these other cost-effective website services offered by PC Futures, these include, Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Management and Online Marketing.