Is Your Web Presence Meeting the Needs of Your Customers?

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The PC Futures 4 Point Solution

Our passion is designing beautiful websites that don’t just look good but make you money too.  We spend time researching the market and changing our offers and services to meet the needs of your customers so the solutions we offer you are indeed designed to make you money.

SEO, Web Presence, PC Futures1) Search Engine Optimisation

We ensure that your website can be found, Google Think Insights state that in Q2 of 2014 48% of web views started via search engines.  That’s why we offer excellent value for money search engine optimisation packages to our customers designed to get you higher up the search engine results list.  It makes sense to have the people who built your website being the ones who optimised it.



2) Modern Responsive Websites

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We also know that 30% of website traffic is coming from mobile devices so making your website mobile responsive is also very important.  That is why we do not build any sites on a non-responsive design.





3) Mobile Apps To Increase Customer Loyalty

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Mobile marketing made simple.  Drive your customers from search engine results boosted by Search Engine Optimisation and your Mobile Responsive Website to your mobile app where you can keep them interested with mobile loyalty and push messages.  Our mobile loyalty solutions are designed to increase customer interaction and drive them to buy. 29% of App Owners regularly use their app to get money off coupons and on average we check our phones 150 times a day.




content4) Content Is King

We know that 65% of people viewing your site will come back at least once in the next 40 days.  Are you keeping your content fresh? Our Content Management Packages are designed to keep things fresh on your site and ensure that you are sharing news and views with your audience.



The way your customers view you is changing is your web presence keeping up with these new trends?  PC Futures will work with you to create a solution that reacts to new trends and keeps you on your customers minds.


  • Figures taken from Google Insights, IDC Research, Microsoft & Smart Insights
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