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ISSBA’s app for all seasons

ISSBA have an app, yes the Ipswich and Suffolk Small Business Association have their very own mobile app and it is free for everyone and advisable for any business owners – welcome to the ISSBA App.

The App is now live, and its download links are below

PC Futures spoke to ISSBA about the benefits of an ‘official’ ISSBA App and what it could do to enhance the good work the organisation already does.  ISSBA are well over 25 years old and the organisation has really stood the test of time.  It’s helped many of their members succeed in business and provided some excellent events in the past quarter of a century.  As a group they offer provide support and information via a strong and long serving committee that has helped shape their development.
ISSBA App, ABE14 app

With over 300 members ISSBA also owners of Suffolk’s premier business event, the Anglia Business Exhibition, which was previously known as the Suffolk Business Exhibition but changed to Anglia in 2014 because of its growth.

When we spoke to ISSBA we looked at user engagement, member benefits but also how the ISSBA app can act as a portal for others to learn about the group’s work.

Running a business can be a lonely place at times and with the app people can keep up to date on what else is going on around the region but also how to get involved.

The ISSBA App has a host of features

Push Messages – These share with people what the group is doing and helps to draw peoples attention to key events like the ABE14, the Anglia Business Spotlight event and their popular Meet the Members monthly events.

Gallery – A chance to share good times at the networking events ISSBA run, this is done simply via the ISSBA app.

Events Calendar – To show members and other business people what is on, and importantly, what not to miss.

Join – If you’re not yet a member, you can join via the app and find out about ISSBA and all the great work they do.

ABE14 – In the app it links to the ABE14 website.  The Anglia Business Exhibition is being held on 7th of May at Trinity Park, Ipswich.  We will be there also on stand 138, come see us.ABE14, ISSBA App, Anglian Busienss Exhibition

Business News – From around the region you can see what is happening.

ISSBA Social Media – Follow and join ISSBA on their social media channels as the ABE14 builds.

Contact ISSBA – Need to speak to them the app can can put you in touch with the group.

Competitions – These will be run during the year and entry too many of them are via the app.

See the ABE14 Sponsors – See information on who is sponsoring the exhibition.

The app is free for all to download and we are really pleased with how it turned out.  The committee provided some great input to the app and the download links are below.

Apple Download Link

Apple Download link for ISSBA

Android Download Link

ISSBA App Android Download Link

Thank you for choosing the ISSBA App
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