Westbury House, Ipswich Office Space

An Online Presence for Westbury House Business Centre

Ipswich based Westbury House Business Centre (where we are) wanted to get a website made so they could direct enquiring people to the site for more information.  Also they wanted to pick up some passive enquiries so we helped out.

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We are tennants at Westrbury House Business Centre and often people would come in to the building and we had nothing really to show them.  They would speak to the landlord and it was nice for them to have something to reference when they leave.  This is what we’ve offered with a website. Something for people to look at and get a feel for from the outset.


We had a meeting with our landlord and talked through what we felt he needed for the office.  It was really a case of us doing something to get the place (which we love) started.  It also helped us as we have the main office in the building and we can then direct people to the site.  They can then see what is available and then to contact the landlord direct.


As a result our landlord has a site which does what he needed it too.  A simple set up which says about the building, it’s facilities and who is here.

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