XP Retirement


With the world of PC’s changing and Microsoft Windows XP retiring in April 2014, now is a good time to look at what you and your colleagues use for working.

Windows XP is dying, a shame but it’s coming.

XP has been fantastic just like SBS 2003 was.  Both have been golden systems for Microsoft but all good things come to an end.  Windows 7 and 2012 essentials have superseded them both and offer greater functionality than their predecessors.

So what will happen?

Well, come April 8th 2014 Microsoft stop supporting both XP and SBS 2003 (XP was released in 2001).  Many companies, too many in fact, are still running these and will become vulnerable.  What this means is companies will be open for virus attacks as no new security updates will be issued, ever!   Are you ready for the XP retirement?

So, in April we expect a huge release of new viruses and malware to hit the world’s IT systems.

If you still run either of these you will have noticed some websites are not responding to them.  Twitter now directs you to a mobile version of its site as the latest version wasn’t built with XP in mind.

What can we do?

There is light the end of the tunnel as we can offer a range of alternatives to protect your server, users, data and clients from these attacks.  We can offer a cloud solution, a like for like server replacement or if the hardware is good enough, just a simple operating system upgrade to protect and speed up your business.

Protecting your date is key, get ahead of the game and join the future at PC Futures.  Our free assessment will ask for a few bits of information and then we can give you a baseline quotation on how to remain unaffected by the XP crash.


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