The Writers Vault Software by PC Futures

At PC Futures we are not one to rest on our laurels. As one of directors has been writing books for many years he often felt it would help to have an accurate way of storing characters, book ideas and plot notes, so we made the Writers Vault. But, aside from the usual Dropbox or Onedrive there wasn’t anything dedicated to this important part of writing. So, we made it.

We are keen to develop products and to bring our full expertise to bear on web, mobile app and software development projects and this was well within our skill set.

As a result and a few years in development we will be launching the launching the Writers Vault software in July 2019. Then, we have more software development projects due for release over the next 12-24 months.

Using the right WordPress development, web design, software development, hosting e-commerce and consultancy we have made this site come to life and we are really pleased with the results.

The Writers Vault, concept through to reality


As one of our directors has published and self published a number of books this endeavor takes a lot of time. Attention to detail is vital, as readers spot plot holes, inconsistencies and mistakes very easily. The Writers Vault software helps writers of all levels to keep a focus on their work and to reduce mistakes.

This was something made purely because it was useful and there was nothing out there with this level of functionality and detail. So, the Writers Vault idea was put to staff and a project plan created for it. Then, with project meetings and technical briefs it was developed around other projects, which had to always come first.


was a lot of software architectural decisions which had to be made during this. What parts of data had relations to what other parts. How to handle storage issues, GDPR and a host of other things.

The users can now record/manage and update the following:

  • Projects
  • Books
  • Plot Notes
  • Characters
  • Items

And a host of other information with a full project road map in place as well.

Andy Pope, PC Futures Director said: “The whole team worked as a team should on this AGILE development project. Things moved at times and the team adapted perfectly as we needed too. The security of the platform is strong, the payment gateway is all in place and the software is due to be launched in July 2019. We are very excited indeed.”


As we are almost ready to launch we are putting the final touches in place for our product launch. Then, it’s over to the writing community to enjoy both the FREE and the PRO version of our software.

This is a very exciting time for us as we release this, our first SaaS project and we look forward to more which are already in development.

Should you wish to make a software idea into a reality and to then bring it to market – contact us today on 01473 527423 or contact us here.